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TR-300T Van Freezer Unit

Driven Type:Vehicle Engine Driven Units

Installation:Split Front Mounted

Compressor:QP15 138cc/r

Controller:Digital, In Cab


Refrigerant :R404a


Guchen Thermo TR-300T Refrigeration Units for Vans Description 

Guchen Thermo TR-300T cargo van reefer units are vehicle engine driven units and roof top mounted type, which is used for 10~22m³ medium or big van box. With R404a refrigerant, this van reefer unit cooling capacity is up to 3010W, which can keep temperature in box at -20℃ to 30℃ to transport chilled or deep frozen foods.

TR-300T refrigeration units for vans adopt R404a refrigerant, ultra slim evaporator, DC12V / DC24V operating voltage, QP16 compressor, and worldwide famous spare parts, such as SPAL fans, Sanden, Zexel, Danfoss, Good year, Gold-cooper to keep the cargo van refrigeration unit have the best working performance!

Besides that, this van refrigeration units prices are lower than the Guchen Thermo electric delivery van refrigeration units at the same level. Although this unit is vehicle engine driven, we can supply the standby system for customers, which can help customers save lots of fuel and offer convenience when engine is off but cooling system continues.

van refrigeration kits condenser and evaporator guchen thermo
PHOTO: Guchen Thermo TR-300T refrigeration units for cargo vans condenser and evaporator 


TR-300T Refrigeration Units for Vans Unique Features

◆ Multi-functional controller with microprocessor control system
◆ Extra-flat evaporator with inner grooved cooper tube; micro-channel parallel flow condenser, which can increase heat dissipation rate by 30% for a great cooling performance.
◆ Digital display: temperature shows in ℃ or ℉
◆ Safety devices: low and high refrigerant pressure protection and thermal protection


TR-300T van freezer units for sale  Guchen Thermo TR-300T Van Freezer Units   

TR-300T van refrigeration units can apply on the big van box. Customers can convert a cargo van into a refrigerated cargo vans for delivering fresh foods. Usually, the cargo van, such as Sprinter, Ford, Fiat, Renault, Iveco, VW, Toyota etc can convert into refrigerated vans. It is very easy to install Guchen Thermo cargo van reefer units. When you need to convert your vans to refrigerated vans, please make sure what is your cargo van brand, dimension of your van, product you deliver, temp you require... If you have no idea, please let us help! 

Technical Data:

Model  TR-300T

Temperature Range In Container

-18℃ ~ +30℃ / -0.4℉ ~ +86℉

Cooling Capacity

3000W/2580Kcal/10236BTU (0℃/32℉)

1600W/1376Kcal/5460BTU (-18℃/-0.4℉)

Driven Model

Direct Vehicle Engine Driven

Voltage DC (V)




Refrigerant Charge

1.7Kg ~ 1.8Kg

Box Temperature Adjustment

Electronic digital display

Safety Protect

High and low pressure switch


Hot gas defrost (CPR)







Aluminum micro-channel parallel flow coils


2 Axial Fan


800×865×210 mm & 31.8 kg



Aluminum foil with internal ridge copper tube


2 Axial Fans


850×550×175 mm & 14.4 kg

Box Volume (m³)


10m³ (-18℃/-0.4℉)

16m³ (0℃/32℉)

Optional Function

Heating, Electric standby system AC 220V/380V, CPR Valve



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