• TR-350MTS truck refrigeration unit
  • multi-temp reefer unit with electric standby capability
  • TR-350MTS Multi-temp Truck Unit with Electric Standby
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TR-350MTS Multi-temp Truck Unit with Standby


Features:Multi-temp & Standby

Temperature Range:-20℃ to 30℃

Built-in Standby:AC220V/50HZ/1PH

Consist:1 Condenser, 2 Evaporators



Condenser of TR-350MTS multi temperature refrigeration unit

Condenser of TR-350MTS multi temperature refrigeration unit

Developing economies are driving a constantly increase in demand for high quality food. Transport refrigeration technologies are also facing great changes in high automation, more precise temp control, and multi functions.
Guchen Thermo TR-350MTS model is a newly-designed reefer unit to meet the global demands on multiple cargoes transportation and electric refrigeration. It is a multi-temp truck refrigeration unit with built-in electric standby system.

One Unit Satisfying All Your Refrigerated Transport Demands

TR-350MTS unit, like other multi-temperature refrigeration systems in Guchen Thermo, is with one condenser and dual evaporator systems. An evaporator is used to cool the fixed freezer compartment, and a second evaporator for the fresh food compartment or chill compartment. Moreover, it is designed with an integrated electric standby unit, using advanced scroll compressor technology. The built-in standby ensures the truck unit can be operated via an external power supply.

Evaporator of TR-350MTS electric standby system

Evaporator of TR-350MTS electric standby system

Road and Standby

TR-350MTS is a combination of multi-compartment refrigeration technology and dual-mode road/standby technology. We can say that, TR-350MTS refrigeration unit provides global customers an innovation and full-range start-to-stop solution, ensuring great cooling performance on the road and standby.
Road mode: when the refrigerated vehicle is on road, TR-350MTS multi-temperature truck refrigeration unit is powered by the vehicle engine. Premium quality QP16 refrigeration road compressor is responsible for high cooling efficiency of the refrigeration system. It is built into long service life and high reliability. TR-350MTS multi-temp truck refrigeration unit is with increased reliability to ensure the successful transit of different cargoes at different temperatures with two different compartments.
QP16 refrigeration compressor
QP16 refrigeration compressor

Standby mode: when the reefer truck is parked for unloading, loading or stationary, TR-350MTS unit can be plugged into AC 220 volt source. Its standby system is driven by an electric standby compressor (inside the condenser unit). The electric drive compressor operates with low noise to maintain refrigeration, completely eliminating the engine noise of direct drive refrigeration unit. The built-in electric standby system provides full refrigeration capacity while reducing fuel consumption. It is for maximum protection of the perishable cargoes at any time.

We notice that the electric system in America is 60 hertz not 50 hertz. All Guchen refrigeration units are capable of running on standby power 220 volts 1phaze 60 hertz.

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Factory Tour:

multi-temp truck refrigeration unit with built-in electric standby system

TR-350MTS multi-temp truck refrigeration unit with built-in electric standby system


Technical Data:

Model TR-350MTS
Temperature Range -20℃ to 30℃
No. of Condenser 1
No. of Evaporator 2
Product Dimension/Weight Condenser 1170x930x252mm (80kg)
Evaporator 1 725x560x160mm (12kg)
Evaporator 2 830x650x185mm (15kg)
Cooling Capacity Road 0℃ 3815W
-20℃ 2260W
Standby 0℃ 2860W
-20℃ 1695W
Refrigerant R404A/ 1.8kg
Airflow volume 950m³/h of each
Road Compressor QP16/ 163cc
Standby Compressor TR-36K/ 36cc
Built-in Standby AC220V/50HZ/1PH
Defrost Auto. & Man. defrost (hot gas defrost)
Control Voltage DC12/24V
Box volume 10m³~15m³
Optional function Heating



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