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Van Refrigeration Unit Catalog

Models :TR-200T, TR-300T, C-200T, C-300T

Installation:Split Roof Top Mounted

Controller:Digital, In Cab

Application:5-18m³ small to big van box

Refrigerant :R134a/R407a

Classification:Chiller/Freezer Units


Description of Guchen Thermo Van Refrigeration Systems

Van refrigeration units are dedicated designed for refrigerated vans, cargo vans/delivery van, which are used for to deliver frozen and fresh goods, such as fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood… from one place to another place, especially when the ambient temperature is high and goods have a high demands to temperature, such as ice cream or dairy milk. In the modern days, people have a high demand on fresh and far away foods, so how to keep the foods fresh when it arrives at customers hands becomes a very important factor to greengrocery. So that is why vehicle retrofitting factory is so popular in some places, and that is also why Guchen Thermo van fridge units are so hot sale in some vehicle refitting factories or truck body builder factories.

Guchen Thermo is always devoted to most useful cold chain transport equipment on customers all kinds of demands. Here in this page is about cargo van refrigeration unit introduction, customers who have interest in the fridge van conversion kit can refer to this article to choose the suitable models for your van. 

 Also if you have interest in truck refrigeration unit, please forward to truck refrigeration unit page.

Guchen Thermo van refrigeration units include:   van freezer units guchen thermo

TR-110D van fridge unit dc powered driven (12 volt or 24 volt for choice)
Direct driven van chiller units
Direct driven van freezer units

According to customers’ demands and cargo vans size, we have van refrigeration systems for 5-25m³ van body apply for small to big cargo vans. Our van refrigeration units are rooftop mounted types, and customers can according to requirement to equip with a standby system.

Guchen Thermo all transport refrigeration units have improved quality a lot to equip with CPR valve, which make the units have a best working performance in the hot areas(ambient can be up to 50℃+), so customers don’t need to worry about the quality, and we can guarantee that in 1 year, the spare parts are free change!

As for the spare parts of Guchen Thermo van refrigeration units, we adopts worldwide famous brands, such as QP compressor, Danfoss, Spal fans etc. so the units has a high quality performance and long term service life.

As for the van refrigeration conversation for frozen transport business, you may also have interest in "How to convert an ordinary van to a refrigerated van". 

Models of Guchen Thermo Van Refrigeration Units

According to the van box size and temperature requirement, our models can be divided into van chiller units and van freezer units. The refrigeration unit can be installed on kinds of brands of cargo vans, such as Fort, Ford, Fiat, Sprinter, Renault, VW, IVECO… but as for the detailed condition, please contact us, mail to info@guchenthermo.com

▲ For deliver fresh cargoes, and required temperature range is -5℃ to +30℃ 

van refrigeration units guchen thermo C-200T Van Chiller Units for 2-10m³ small van box

C-200T van chiller units are rooftop split mounted units, adopt R134a refrigerant, temperature           
range from -5℃ to +30℃. and apply to all kinds of small and medium-sized refrigerated cargo
vans with 2 -10 m³ van box.

van refrigeration units guchen thermo C-300T Van Chiller Units for 10-18 medium or big van box

C-300T van chiller units have two fans, refrigerant is R134a, temperature range is from -5℃
to +30℃, especially designed for deliver fresh foods, such as fruits and vegetables. Usually it
applys for 10~18m³ refrigerated cargo vans.

electric van refrigeration unitsTR-110D Electric Van Refrigeration Units 

TR-110D is battery DC powered refrigeration units, customers can choose 12 volt or 24 volt,
with R134a refrigerant, the temperature is range -5℃ to +30℃, apply for the small refrigerated
cargo vans with 2~5m³ volume of containers.

▲ For deliver frozen or deep frozen cargoes, and required temperature range is -25℃ to +30℃

TR-200T Van Freezer Units for 2 -10 m³ van box

Guchen thermo van refrigeration unitsTR-200T has the same appearence look with C-200T,
but they adots different refrigerant, TR-200T use R404a refrigerant, temperature range from
-25℃ to +30℃, and apply to all kinds of small and medium-sized refrigerated cargo vans with
2 -10 m³ van box.

TR-300T Van Freezer Units 10~22m³ van box

TR-300T van freezer units have the same looks as C-300T, but TR-300T adopts R404a
refrigerant, temperature range is -25℃ to +30℃, especially designed for deliver frozen
or deep frozen cargoes. It can applys for 10~22m³ medium or big van box.



Features of Guchen Thermo Van Refrigeration Systems

1. Adopts hydrophilic aluminum foil with internal ridge copper tube in evaporator

We all know that copper has the high quality of anti-corrosion, better heat transmission, so adopts copper tube as the refrigerant line in HVAC systems can be prolonged the product service life a lot. Besides that, the hydrophilic aluminum foil materials will not make the water gather together and block tube, and it can improve heat exchange rate by 30%, which improve the refrigerating effect a lot. 

2. Adopts aluminum micro-channel parallel flow coils in condenser

In the condenser, we adopt micro-channel parallel flow coils; it has the advantages of smaller in size, lighter in weight and compact in structure, so it is commonly used for HVAC systems. Employ parallel flow structure, the refrigerant can flow evenly, if refrigerant cannot flow evenly, it will compact evaporator’s heat exchange, which can lead to the refrigerating effect bad. So adopts aluminum micro-channel parallel flow coils in condenser also can improve the evaporator heat exchange rate and give a better cooling performance. 

3. Add another heat exchange device in Evaporator 

In order to increase the heat exchange and improve cooling effect, we add a heat exchange device in evaporator, so the heat exchange rate can be increased by 20%. 

4. Adopts worldwide famous brands spare parts

The spare parts take a very important role in the whole refrigeration units, so Guchen Thermo always pay more attention on the spare parts, even the mini parts, we also choose the best quality for customers. The main spare parts include in:

QP compressor from TCCI: High quality and easy to maintain
◆ Spal Fans: 10000-20000 hours service life, high quality. 
◆ Danfoss filter drier, expansion valve, receiver and visual liquid length: Famous brands, easy to maintain, stable performance.
◆ Castel solenoid valve: Imported from Italy, has a high quality. 
◆ Codan Pipeline: High quality and easy to maintain

5. Adding 2 valves: CPR valve and liquid injection valve

In the very hot areas, if compressors work some time, its ambient temperature will be high, so adding CPR valve and liquid injection valve can help to switch the compressor temperature, and protect compressor from broken, prolong the units’ service life. 

6. Equip with standby system according to demands

All of Guchen Thermo refrigeration units can equip with standby system according to customers’ demands. Standby system is very helpful if transporters need to deliver cargoes from day to night, when at night, transporters only need to turn on standby system to refrigerate cargoes continuously. So it really help to save a lot of fuel and transportation cost.

standby system for van refrigeration units 

7. Equip with heating system according to demands

For some very cold places, if the ambient temperature is below to -5℃ in winter, it is very necessary to install heating system, For example, when transport fresh cargoes, such as flowers, dairy products, fruits and vegetables etc. at very low temperature, increase the temperature above 0℃ can keep cargoes safe and fresh.


Application and Installation of Rooftop Van Refrigeration Units

van refrigeration units for sale guchen thermo

Photo: TR-110D electric van refrigeration units (left photo) and C-300T direct drive van chiller unit (right photo) installation to Spain

Guaranteen :

◆ All the products had passed the quality system certification of ISO9001:2008. CE certification.
◆ 12 months or 60,000KM spare parts free change in the time of expiration date.
◆ 24 HOURS SERVICE for solving customers’ product problems.
◆ Guchen Thermo Distributors all over the world to serve customers timely.

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