• small electric van refrigeration unit

TR-200E Small Electric Van Refrigeration Unit


Driven Type:Pure electric

Installation:Rooftop mount


Application:3m³-6m³ small van



Detailed Information about TR-200E Small Electric Van Unit

TR-200E small electric refrigeration units are designed for transporting temperature-sensitive products, with a temperature range from -18℃~+30℃.
It is a quiet and reliable commercial refrigeration unit that provides highly efficient refrigeration services for small electric reefer vans. TR-200E is specifically designed for food service industries. It adopts the Highly DDH254 electric compressor, which has low noise and improves the efficiency of the whole refrigeration system. The powerful compressor keeps your products fresh and cold.
TR-200E is the smallest of Guchen Thermo TR series. It has all of the same features as any other all electric refrigeration units, but with a lowered weight capacity and fewer compartments. It still delivers the same stable cooling performance like its larger brothers.

Top Picks of TR-200E Mini Electric Refrigeration Unit
◆  Van Volume Range: 3m³-6m³
It is perfect for small and mini electric vans from 3m³ to 6m³. It is a low cost solution for our customers who want to start small van refrigeration business;
◆ Nose Mount Installation
The unit can be mounted on the front wall of any type of small van box (including cargo van, delivery van, chiller van, freezer van).
◆ Great Cooling Performance
The TR-200E small electric model is highly efficient, quiet and reliable. It has been well tested for several years on hundreds of mini van applications. It is with stable operation and refrigeration efficiency.
◆ DC 220V-450V Powered Electric Refrigeration System
temperature controller of small electric truck refrigeration unit
◆ Intelligent Temperature Controller
The temperature controller can be configured by software via USB interface, making it easy to configure parameters such as temperature set point, recirculated air temperature, cooling capacity and others;

About Guchen Thermo:

About Guchen Thermo Electric Transport Refrigeration Systems

All Electric Transport Refrigeration Units are an innovative and revolutionary solution for vans, which not only make use of electricity as the sole power source but also result in zero emission. 
Guchen Thermo is specialized in all electric transport refrigeration units, with a wide range of small, medium and large models. Guchen Thermo's line of pure electric refrigeration units provide an eco-friendly alternative to traditional diesel-powered refrigerated trucks. All our products are zero emission products, which are efficient and easy to maintain.


TR-200E small electric unit for refrigerated vans

small freezer van application

small electric cargo van

TR-200E small electric refrigeration unit for van applications

Technical Parameters:

Parameters of TR-200E Small Electric Van Refrigeration Unit

 Model  TR-200E
 Applicable box volume  3m³-6m³
 Temperature range  -18℃~+30℃
 Cooling capacity  0℃/+30℃ 2850w
-18℃/+30℃ 1500w
 High voltage  DC220V-DC450V
 Power  0℃/+30℃ 2050W
-18℃/+30℃ 1680W
 Controller  High-end liquid crystal
 Drive mode  Pure electric
 Low voltage power  Two in one including DC-DC Self power supply
 Emergency power supply  AC220V (standard)
 Compressor  DDH254
 Refrigerant  R404a
 Refrigerant charge  1.3kg
 Defrost method  Hot air defrosting
 Condenser assembly  Dimension mm (L*W*H) 1106*781*223
Weight (kg) 65
 Condenser fan  Qty. 1pc
Total air volume 2000m³/h
 Evaporator assembly  Dimension mm (L*W*H) 752*514*117
Weight (kg) 13.5
 Evaporator fan  Qty. 1pc
Total air volume 1500m³/h


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