• TR-400E zero-emission truck refrigeration unit

TR-400E Zero Emission Truck Refrigeration Unit


Drive Type:All Electric

Installation:Nose Mount


Application:13m³-18m³ all electric trucks



TR-400E zero-emission truck refrigeration unit is a high voltage DC 250V-450V/380V-750V system. It draws power directly from the battery pack of the all electric refrigerated trucks. The energy consumption and the cost of operation are much lower than those of diesel powered refrigeration units.
TR-400E has been tested and proven to be reliable in harsh operating environments. It is a front mount unit designed for use in zero emission refrigerated transport applications such as light trucks, medium-sized trucks (13m³-18m³), trailers etc..

Outstanding Features of TR-400E Zero Emission Truck Unit

TR-400E features high cooling performance, high energy efficiency, easy installation, simple operation and maintenance.
◆ A Powerful EVS34 Compressor, Cool the Truck Quickly
The TR-400E features a high-efficiency scroll compressor with R404a refrigerant and an inverter drive motor for optimum energy efficiency and long service life. The electric refrigeration compressor can quickly cool down the interior of the truck to temperature as low as -20℃ (-4°F). This ensures that your food stays fresh during long journeys.
  Fast Cool Down Time
Ambient Temp. 30℃ 30℃
Interior Temp. of Box Truck 0℃ -18℃
Cool Down Time Less than 20min Less than 1 hour
◆ Digital Controls
The TR-400E zero emission truck unit also features an adjustable thermostat control and a digital temperature display so you can easily set it up according to your needs.
◆ Beautiful Appearance, High Quality Made Shell
The evaporator is made of aluminum alloy shell, which has high strength and corrosion resistance; The condenser shell is made of ABS thermoplastic environmental protection material, which is environmentally friendly and recyclable, with bright appearance and great performance.
◆ Multiple HV Protection Mechanism
The electronic control system has multi-channel detection and multiple protections to ensure the safety and reliability of the control system.


 zero emission refrigerated trucks


Condenser Size  condenser size of TR-400E electric truck refrigeration unit
Evaporator Size  evaporator size of TR-400E zero emission truck refrigeration unit


Technical Parameters of TR-400E Zero-emission Truck Refrigeration Unit

 Model  TR-400E
 Applicable box volume  13m³-18m³
 Temperature range  -18℃~+30℃
 Cooling capacity  0℃/+30℃ 4250W
-18℃/+30℃ 2380W
 High voltage  DC220V-DC450V / DC380V-DC750V
 Power  0℃/+30℃ 2650W
-18℃/+30℃ 2150W
 Controller  High-end liquid crystal
 Drive mode  Pure electric
 Low voltage power Self power supply DC-DC
 Emergency power supply  AC380V (standard)
 Compressor  EVS34
 Refrigerant  R404a
 Refrigerant charge  1.5kg
 Defrost method  Hot air defrosting
 Condenser assembly  Dimension mm (L*W*H) 1200*512*322
Weight (kg) <68.5
 Condenser fan  Qty. 2pc
Total air volume 3600m³/h
 Evaporator assembly  Dimension mm (L*W*H) 1092*590*241
Weight (kg) 24.5
 Evaporator fan  Qty. 2pc
Total air volume 2000m³/h


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