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TR-600 Direct Drive Truck Refrigeration Unit


Temperature Range:-25℃~+25℃

Box Volume:30m³~40m³

Cooling Capacity:6150W (0℃)

Application:Used in hot areas, outside temperature 30℃-50℃

Compressor displacement:163 cc/r


tr-600 nose-mount truck refrigeration unit

Direct drive refrigeration unit is powered by truck engine. All Guchen Thermo TR models are driven by vehicle’s engine, suitable for small, medium to large size refrigerated trucks and vans.
Guchen Thermo TR-600 direct drive unit includes a front-mounted condenser unit, a super-slim evaporator unit, and an efficient QP16 refrigeration compressor mounting to the vehicle engine. As there is no separate diesel engine used in direct drive systems, they are more fuel-saving, with less emissions.
As a much affordable refrigeration system when compared with diesel powered truck units, TR-600 direct-drive system offers an economical alternative to other options for medium to large box trucks.
The TR-600 unit is with 3300W refrigeration capacity to maintain a temperature of -25℃, 6150W at 0℃. Best for 30m³-40m³ box volume, or medium to large truck with a length < 7.5m.

tr-600 for medium size trucks

Features of TR-600 Front Mounted Truck Refrigeration Unit


◆ Designed for Maximum Interior Cargo Capacity

With years of improvements and updates, Guchen Thermo TR-600 system is with a narrow-profile evaporator unit being mounted to the ceiling of the truck box. This slim design takes up less space, and helps to maximize cargo space. It makes the business owners able to haul more loads.

◆ Wide Temperature Range, Chilling & Freezing

TR-600 direct drive truck refrigeration unit offers precise temperature environments from -25℃ to +25℃ depending on stored items, utmost in flexibility in the safe handling and storage of both chilled and frozen products. It is specially designed to meet the increasing demands of worldwide cold chain industry.

◆ Rapid Cooling Refrigeration System

TR-600 nose-mount unit is with enhanced refrigeration capacity. It helps the fleet manager get truck cooled faster. It comes with a multipurpose digital controller with improved visibility, to control and manage the truck refrigeration unit. All Guchen Thermo units are with diagnostic capabilities, to continually monitor the operation of TRUs. The super cooling capacity promises the safe delivery of temperature-sensitive cargoes.
digital controller of TR-600 refrigeration unit

◆ Specially Designed for Use in Higher Ambient Temperature

Countries like Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Algeria, Morocco, are with the hottest temperature around the world. TR-600 units are specially designed with powerful cooling capacity and large air flow supplying. Even in the high air temperature conditions, the refrigeration units can still promise an efficient operation. Liquid injecting cooling can protect the QP16 refrigeration compressor when the ambient temperature is too high.

Safety Protection:

◆ Emergency switch management protection
◆ Heating power protection device
◆ Cooling system high/low pressure protection
◆Security installation structure can improve the protection against electromagnetic interference.


 42 sets of TR-600 unit shipped to Saudi Arabia

42 sets of TR-600 unit shipped to Saudi Arabia

TR-600 condenser unit

TR-600 Condenser Unit

TR-600 evaporator unit

TR-600 evaporator unit

Technical Data:

Model TR-600
Temperature Range -25℃~+25℃
Cooling Capacity 0℃ 6150W
-25℃ 3300W
Application Box Volume 30m³~40m³, length<=7.5m
Outside temperature 30℃~50℃
Compressor Model QP16
Displacement 163 cc/r
Refrigerant Type R404a
Amount 3.8kg
Evaporator Type Hydrophilic aluminum with internal screw thread copper tube
Dimension 1530*649*230mm
Fan motor Axial type
No. of fan motor 3 pcs
Weight 38kg
Condenser Type Hydrophilic aluminum with internal screw thread copper tube
Dimension 1367*514*498mm
Fan motor Axial type
Weight 78kg
Spare parts Spal fans, Danfoss expansion valve, receiver drier, control valve, sight glass etc.


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