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TR-300TS Integrated Electric Standby Units


Temperature Range:-25℃ ~ +30℃

Control Voltage:DC 12V/24V


Application:12~16m³ refrigerated vans


integrated standby unit for van

Electric standby van refrigeration units, also called hybrid refrigeration systems, are powered by diesel engine when moving, but capable of running independent of the van engine when stationary. It provides Guchen Thermo’s customers with refrigeration that moves beyond direct drive refrigeration systems.
TR-300TS is a standby electric van refrigeration unit that can be plugged into power grid via a standard plug-in connection when the van is stationary. It gives the refrigeration units ability to operated via electric standby when parked. TR-300TS is with electric scroll compressor inside the condenser unit, compact and integrated structure design.

electric standby van refrigeration unit

Top Picks of TR-300TS Electric Standby Van Refrigeration Units

◆ The integrated standby unit is designed to support pre-cooling for the cargo van before loading without the running of vehicle engine. Guchen Thermo TR-300TS utilizes the latest industry-leading technology to give you the best standby technology every day.
Fuel Saver. It is one of the best selling integrated standby units at Guchen Thermo, which can be plugged into external AC power supply while parked or being loaded. With the utilization of TR-300TS electric standby unit, the operator can turn the van engine off instead of idling (idling van diesel engine have considerably high cost) , therefore TR-300TS integrated standby unit is a big fuel-cost saver.
A highly reliable and accurate standby refrigeration system for van applications. We utilize reliable and reputable van refrigeration spare parts when manufacturing the cooling system: QP16 compressor, Danfoss expansion valve and solenoid valves, GOODYEAR pipes etc. The higher the reliability, the lower the failure rate. Customers can rest assured of our outstanding quality at all times.

We notice that the electric system in America is 60 hertz not 50 hertz. All Guchen refrigeration units are capable of running on standby power 220 volts 1phaze 60 hertz.

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Standard Features of TR-300TS Integrated Standby Units

◆ Adopting R404a refrigerant
◆ Running on 12v/24v DC refrigerated van applications - delivery vans, cargo vans etc.
◆ Equipped with an AC electric standby compressor
◆ Digital in-cab controller
◆ Perfect design with ultra slim evaporator, giving your van the ability loading more cargoes - maximum load space.
◆ High airflow volume, allow for superior control of temperature and humidity
◆ Automatic and manual hot gas defrost
◆Multiple options including bi-temperature and hot gas heating function. Maintenance benefits by integrating multiple functions into one van refrigeration unit.


Integrated one-piece electric standby unit dedicated designed for medium to large size cargo vans. TR-300TS electric standby van refrigeration units save energy cost for fleets.

electric standby unit for refrigerated vans

Inner Components of TR-300TS

electric standby unit for refrigerated vans

Installation of Guchen Thermo TR-300TS Integrated Standby Units for Delivery Van

tr-300ts plug-in van refrigeration unit

Beautiful Appearance of Guchen Thermo TR-300TS Hybrid Van Refrigeration Systems

Technical Data:

Model TR-300TS
Cooling Capacity Conditions Temperature Watts
Road 0℃ 3070W
-20℃ 1720W
Standby 0℃ 2850W
-20℃ 1590W
Control Voltage DC 12V/24V
Defrosting Hot gas defrost(Auto./Manual)
Temperature Range -25℃ ~ +30℃
Refrigerant & Volume R404A,1.3kg±10%
Airflow Volume 1500m³/h
Compressor Road SD5S14/138cc
Standby DDH356LV
 Condenser(With standby) Type Parallel Flow Condenser
Qty of Fans 1Pcs
Dimensions 1000*850*234mm
Weight 48Kg
 Evaporator Type Inner Grooved Copper Tube and Fin
Qty of Fans 2Pcs
Dimensions 856*55*175mm
Weight 18Kg
 Electric Standby Power Supply  AC220V 1Phase 50HZ
 Recommended Box Volume  12m³~16m³


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