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C-300TS Large Chiller Van Road & Standby


Features:Road & Standby

Temperature Range:-5℃ ~ +30℃

Standby cooling capacity (0℃):2850W

Standby cooling capacity (-5℃):1590W

Supplier:Guchen Thermo


Guchen Thermo C-300TS electric standby van chiller unit is with compact and integrated structure. It consists of a slim evaporator, a sturdy condenser unit and a digital control panel. 
Its electric stand-by compressor is installed inside the condenser, which enable the chiller unit be plugged into external AC power supply while the van’s diesel engine stops.
Our van refrigeration units use durable materials and premium quality components. C-300TS standby gives our clients more options when it comes to transport fresh cargoes. It is a perfect choice for those transporters who:
◆ are looking for a high performance electric standby system for chiller van?
◆ want to connect the van unit to AC 220 volt plug while parked, to save fuel?
◆ are finding a feasible standby solution to convert an ordinary van to fridge one?

C-300TS standby for chiller cargo van

Why to Select Guchen Thermo C-300TS Electric Standby?

1. Road & Standby, Multiple Usage

C-300TS is now available in both vehicle-powered and electrical standby options. The integrated electric standby refrigeration system is actually an integral combination of direct drive chiller unit and electric standby. 
When driving on the road, C-300TS van chiller unit is powered by the vehicle’s diesel engine, with powerful refrigerating; When parked for rest, loading or unloading, leaving your fridge van on standby and keeping electric standby unit plugged into AC 220 volt, giving seamless operation. This is how the combination of a road compressor and an electric stand-by compressor makes your perishable cargo (food, beverages etc.) cool on cross state trips.
plugging your chiller van
2.Reducing Operating Expenses in both Energy Costs and Maintenance Costs

Once the engine idling time reduces, diesel fuel efficiency will be improved, helping you save more money. The engine maintenance costs will be minimized too. In a word, Guchen Thermo C-300TS integrated standby van chiller unit will greatly lower your overall operating costs.
3.Mature Offing, Mature Standby Technology

Guchen Thermo electric standby units have been put into practice for more than 10 years. The component reliability and system efficiency have went through the market test. The maturity of electric standby technology makes C-300TS standby units with low failure rate.
These units are built to last. You can rest assured that you will get an efficient and affordable electric standby solution at Guchen Thermo.


Chill Down to -5℃, Safely Meet Their Shelf Life

C-300TS is a chill only model, easy to operate with hot gas defrost. It provides precise temperature control, offering a range from -5℃ to 30℃.
C-300TS cargo van electric standby unit is perfect for delivering chilled goods, such as desserts, pizzas, fruit, vegetables, sandwiches and cakes etc.
Electric standby cooling capacity (Watts/hr): 0 ℃: 2850
Electric standby cooling capacity (Watts/hr): -5℃: 1590

C-300TS Integrated Standby Standard Feature

◆ R404a refrigerant
◆ Operation on 12/24V DC vehicles
◆ AC electric standby compressor with quiet operation, hermetically sealed low maintenance.
◆ Ultra-slim twin fan evaporator with large air flow, lightweight
◆ Automatic and manual hot gas defrost, fast & efficient, keeping the evaporator coils free of frost.

Options: Hot gas heating


C-300TS chiller van electric standby unit

quality C-300TS Electric Standby Van Unit

Installation Cases of Guchen Thermo C-300TS Integrated Electric Standby Systems for Chiller Van

Technical Data:

Model C-300TS
Cooling Capacity Conditions Temperature Watts
Road 0℃ 3070W
-5℃ 1720W
Standby 0℃ 2850W
-5℃ 1590W
Control Voltage DC 12V/24V
Defrosting Hot gas defrost(Auto./Manual)
Temperature Range -5℃ ~ +30℃
Refrigerant & Volume R134A,1.3kg±10%
Airflow Volume 1500m³/h
Compressor Road GY5S14/138cc
Standby DDH356LV
Condenser(With standby) Type Parallel Flow Condenser
Qty of Fans 1Pcs
Dimensions 1000x850x234mm
Weight 63Kg
Evaporator Type Inner Grooved Copper Tube and Aluminum Foil Fin
Qty of Fans 2Pcs
Dimensions 856x550x175mm
Weight 17Kg
Electric Standby Power Supply AC220V 1Phase 50HZ
Recommended Box Volume 12~16m³

We notice that the electric system in America is 60 hertz not 50 hertz. All Guchen refrigeration units are capable of running on standby power 220 volts 1phaze 60 hertz.

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