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GST-2000 Trailer Refrigeration Units


Cooling Capacity:0℃/18100W, -20℃/9600W

Box Application: 75~ 105m³

Unit Voltage:DC12V

Compressor and displacement:FK40/655TK 650cc

Refrigerant:R404A/ 7.0kg


 Introducing the GST-2000 Trailer Refrigeration Units

Unleash the full potential of cold chain logistics with the GST-2000, a superior reefer trailer cooling unit. Experience exceptional cooling down to -30℃ in spaces of 80~115, powered by a robust cooling capacity of up to 20800W. Thanks to its precision engineering, including high-efficiency components and intelligent controls, the GST-2000 stands as a paragon among diesel refrigeration units. Its cutting-edge performance is matched only by its environmental consciousness and streamlined maintenance, setting a new benchmark for refrigeration units for trailers.

You may also have an interest in the following models of GST series trailer refrigeration systems:

● GST-2100 Semi-Trailer Refrigeration Units (for 80~ 115m³ trailer box, cooling capacity: 0℃/20800W, -20℃/11000W ) 


GST-2000 Trailer Refrigeration Units Features

● Direct drive, high transmission efficiency, permanent magnet generator is stable and reliable.
● Efficient engine, more energy saving and environmental protection.
● Intelligent control system, precise temperature control, more convenient control.
● Optimized air duct system, to achieve a distance above 13 meters uniform air supply, temperature is more uniform.
● Multi-system protection measures and alarm reminding, fault inquiry and diagnosis, to ensure safe operation.
● 3000 hours long cycle maintenance interval, more time saving, more saving operation and maintenance costs.
● Optional remote monitoring system, anytime and anywhere to check and control unit operation.



Technical Data:


GST-2000 Trailer Refrigeration Technical Data

 Model          GST-2000
 Box Min. temp  75~ 105m³
Cooling capacity 0℃/18100W, -20℃/9600W
Evaporator airflow volume 6100m3/ h
Refrigerant R404A/ 7.0kg
Compressor and displacement FK40/655TK  650cc
Defrost Auto. & Man. defrost(hot gas defrost )
Oil capacity 14.6L, maintenance period 3000 hours
Unit Voltage DC12V
Optional fuel heater, fuel level sensor, remote data logging, long-range control, etc.


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