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Diesel-Powered Truck Units Catalog



AC power:AC220V/380Vtri-phase

Installation:Front Mounted

Application :25~65 m³ truck box

Refrigerant :R404a


Description of Guchen Thermo TS Series Transport Refrigeration Units

Guchen Thermo TS Model transport refrigeration units are diesel engine truck refrigeration units, it has independent cooling system not relying on truck engine for refrigerating, so it is also called as “independent transport refrigeration units”. 

The best price TS series transport refrigeration systems are usually used for the big truck bodies with 7.6m - 9.6m length or 35~65 m³ refrigerated truck bodies. With R404a refrigerant, the temperature range is -20℃ to +30 ℃ for transporting fresh or deep frozen cargoes. 

TS series transport refrigeration units

PHOTO: Guchen Thermo Diesel Engine Truck Refrigeration Units Evaporator and Condenser

Because of its independent performance, it is very suitable for the long-distance transportation. That is to say, when transporters on the half way, they don’t need to worry about that truck may come to an anchor. Even if this happened on half way, the cooling system will never get affected. The super snow transport refrigeration units really help customers realize that “vehicle engine is off, cooling system never stops!” 

Choose the Suitable TS series Diesel Engine Truck Refrigeration Units Models 

  Model Application Cooling Capacity
TS-600 truck refrigeration unit TS-600 Truck Refrigeration Units for 25-35m³ truck box 5600W/19100Btu
TS-800 truck freezer system TS-800 Truck Refrigeration Units for 30-45m³ truck box 7150W/24400Btu
ts-1000 large truck refrigeration system TS-1000 Diesel Engine Truck Freezer Units for 45-55m³ truck box 8250W/28150Btu
transport refrigeration system TS-1200 TS-1200 Truck Reefer Units for 55-65m³ truck box 11210W/38250Btu

Guchen Thermo TS series truck refrigeration units models include TS-600, TS-800, TS-1000 and TS-1200. They are similar in appearance, but different in cooling capacity, airflow volume, engine, compressors and so on. Please choose the suitable models according to your requirement for your frozen transportation business. If you are not sure which models are suitable, please contact us to ask for help. Contact email: info@guchenthermo.com


Unique Features of Guchen Thermo Diesel Engine Driven Transport Refrigeration System

◆ Independent cooling system, not relying on vehicle engine, especially designed for the long-distance transportation safely. 
◆ Suitable for big trucks to transport fresh or deep frozen cargoes. 
◆ Fuel safer diesel engine, low noise, low emission, and low vibration level - German Bock FKX40/390TK compressor.
◆ Quick installation and low cost maintenance.
◆ High cooling capacity on engine or standby system.
◆ TS Series transport refrigeration units especially designed for big trucks with 7.6 m - 9.6 m length box and box volume is 25~65 m³. 
◆ Modular design control system and logger date function.
◆ In-cab remote display and control.

Guarantee :

◆ All the products had passed the quality system certification of ISO9001:2008. CE certification.
◆ 12 months or 60,000KM spare parts free change in the time of expiration date.
◆ 24 HOURS SERVICE for solving customers’ product problems.
◆ Guchen Thermo Distributors all over the world to serve customers timely.


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