How to Convert a Van into a Refrigerated Van ?

Dec 18,2019
Daily inquiry on refrigerated van conversion questions:
“Hello, I just had a few questions for you guys, and was hoping you had a solution for me! So I have a 2014 Chevy Van 2500 that I was wanting to convert the van into having the capability of bringing any cargo to between 40-50 degrees. So basically any options that you have would be great, whether it be re-lining the whole van, or adding some kind of portable tent/container that just fits into the back. I would love to look at any possible solutions you guys may have to deal with this problem, and compare pricing. I hope to hear from you soon, and thank you for your time!”

fridge van conversion
Most of Guchen Thermo’s customers are working with vehicle refitting factory or refrigerated vehicles renting company. They are rich in experience of converting a van into a refrigerated van. We’ve communicated with each other a lot, sharing the detailed conversion steps together. We are always looking for the most effective refrigerated van conversion solution, to achieve the best refrigeration effects.
If you are looking for a refrigeration unit to convert your ordinary van to a cool room, the post will help you a lot on both van conversion steps and van conversion unit.

Refrigerated Van Conversion Methods

Let’s start with an expensive but worry-saving method: 

Go to Conversion Company/Specialists for Help

Usually, when you want to convert an ordinary van into a refrigerated van, you can find the vehicle refitting factory to help. They own fully trained specialist engineers, complete refrigerated van conversion kit, all vehicle conversion experience and professional technology. Just leave jobs to the professionals. They can help you convert more efficiently and quickly.
All you need to do is typing “conversion van shop near me”, and getting the useful local vehicle converter results from google.
google van conversion shop near me
Do your “filtration” carefully as you need to make sure the following few things before making your final decision:
-- are they able to covert your van model (taking 2014 Chevy Van 2500 for example) into fridge van?
--are there any successful conversion cases available before?
--tell them your specific requirements like multi-temperature transportation, to see whether they can provide a perfect solution or not?
--what materials are used? The insulation board?
--free delivery or not?
--what is the warranty?
Figure out all the necessary information to select the most reliable business partner.

Here comes a more affordable method:

D.I.Y Conversion

If you have a standard full size light commercial vehicle, for example, ford van (E150), IVECO van or sprinter van, and would like to add insulation to the cargo area and a refrigeration unit in order to deliver frozen or chill food, D.I.Y conversion is definitely feasible. 
It decreases refitting money. If you are a DIY fan, the whole conversion process would be a gorgeous experience as you handle everything all by yourself from start to finish.
When it comes to full fridge van conversions, there are 2 systems that are both equally essential to make up the fridge van refrigeration system. They are the insulation system, and the transport refrigeration system

convert a van into a refrigerated cargo vans
This IVECO cargo van was upfitted by our customer himself with industry-leading insulating conversion kits in the local area, paired with a Guchen Thermo TR-200T rooftop unit.

how to convert a van into a fridge vans
Another customer case: TR-200T fitted with a small fridge cargo van

D.I.Y Fridge/Freezer Van Conversion Steps

Each individual ordinary van will have a different conversion specification. Generally, the complete panel/box van conversion process include insulation process and refrigeration process. We would like to detail more information next.
Step 1: Insulate it - adding insulation to the cargo area

Thermal insulation ensures that the internal temperature of refrigerated van body drops to refrigeration conditions quickly. It is important for safe cargoes delivery. You must give more attention to the insulation van body, please choose the better leakproofness insulation van box, it can help your van consume less power and more efficient. 
Insulating light commercial vehicles consists of floor surface, door skin, insulated panels, insulated lining kits, liner coverings, GRP plastic, LED light, adhesive sealants and tapes etc.
What should be noticed is that the full set of insulated panels should follow the contours of your commercial van’s interior exactly, to ensure a quality installation and conversion. 
 refrigerated van insulation


Step 2: Refrigerate it - adding a rooftop van refrigeration unit

Figuring out the following essential question before installing your fully-converted van with refrigeration unit:
What products to deliver next? Transport frozen merchandise? recreational? Fruits? Ice cream? Seafood? Frozen meat?
Different cargoes have different desired temperature, which means that the most suitable refrigeration unit should be selected in accordance with the desired transport temperature, to achieve the best cooling effects.
You must state first your purpose in order to recommend the type of refrigeration.
◆ if transport fruits, vegetables, fresh meat... You can select van chiller units;
◆ if transport deep frozen cargoes, such as ice cream, it will need van freezer units, that temperature can down to -30℃. Choose the right unit to perfectly match the characteristics of the converted van
The type of refrigeration unit will directly affect the temperature you need to keep interior the cargo van.
You can also get full installation instructions from the equipment supplier.For online quotes or any technical help, please don’t forget to mail to
Tip 1: Please remember that, if you choose the vehicle engine driven units, then all power comes from your van engine, so if you overload, it may overheat, so don't buy anything larger that what your engine can handle. 
Tip 2: if your van is small, and it has no enough space to install compressor, your can choose the DC powered electric van refrigeration unit, it is especially designed for small cargo van owners to deliver chilled products. Another reason to choose electric unit is that it is very easy to install.

electric van refrigeration unit
Converting van into refrigerated needs professional knowledge, skillful hands, patience, and reliable equipment, for example easy-to-install van refrigeration system. Choose to cooperate with Guchen Thermo, make the refrigerated van conversion more easier and cost-effective!


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