• integrated electric standby

TR-350TS Refrigerated Van Electric Standby


Temperature Range:-20℃~30℃

Standby Voltage:AC220V/50HZ/1PH

Standby Compressor:KX-36L/36cc

Standby Cooling Capacity (0℃):3050W

Standby Cooling Capacity (-20℃):1760W


A vehicle powered van refrigeration unit is plugged into the electrical grid on standby while the engine isn’t running , allowing for great flexibility and reductions in diesel use. TR-350TS model is an integrated refrigerated van electric standby system, giving the refrigeration unit ability to run independent of the engine when vehicle parked. 



What is an integrated standby van unit?

A direct drive refrigeration system keeps running by incorporating an electric refrigeration apparatus (electric standby) while the van engine remains off. Such system is called “integrated electric standby”. Therefore, an integrated standby is with compact structure and reasonable product design, a perfect combination of two refrigeration methods.
TR-350TS is an integration of mechanical refrigeration components with electric ones. Diesel powers the mechanical refrigeration system working, to keep the cargoes at their optimum temperature when the van engine is running. Electricity drives the standby system working when the van needs to be stationary.
It is perfect for overnight storage (overnight standby), precooling your reefer container, and keeping items chilled while unloading.



Benefits of TR-350TS Electric Standby Van Refrigeration Units

◆Electric Standby System for Lower Energy Consumption

Fuel economy and system reliability are two of the most essential factors affecting customers selection of van refrigeration units.
The main benefit of TR-350TS integrated standby system for refrigerated vans is fuel savings. Every engine-off period in which you utilize Guchen Thermo TR-350TS standby saves you money as less idling means less diesel burning.
It also plays an important role in emission reduction and system efficiency. From the point of view of environment protection, using less diesel also significantly reduces pollutants (NOx and particulate matter) outputs.
◆ Easy to Use, Easy to Install

The integrated standby unit comes in a compact structure, meaning it can be installed and utilized more easier. All you need to do is, connect your van to a high voltage power source when parked for loading or unloading. With innovative standby technology, Guchen Thermo firms up our response to customer demands for increased efficiency and lower maintenance costs. TR-350TS van refrigeration unit concretizes our resolve to built a more economy and healthier cold chain.
◆ Powerful Performance

TR-350TS integrated standby unit features superior performance that ensure your frozen/chilled goods safely reach their destination. It comes with a dual fan condenser unit and a dual fan evaporator unit with a height of 210mm, its road system equipped with QP16 refrigeration compressor, powerful, reliable and efficient.
◆ Less Maintenance Cost

The electric standby unit eliminates idling when plugged into the electrical grid at docks and staging areas. As we all know that idling has a negative effect on van engine’s lifespan, resulting in higher costs in fuel and maintenance. Therefore, the utilization of standby system provides significant reductions in operating (diesel and maintenance) cost.


 TR-350TS export to overseas customer

Export Case of TR-350TS Van Electric Standby System | 2021

TR-350TS electric standby connection system

TR-350TS electric standby connection system | 4-pins

Technical Data:

Model TR-350TS
Cooling Capacity Conditions Temperature Watts
Road 0℃ 3815W
-20℃ 2260W
Standby 0℃ 3050W
-20℃ 1760W
Control Voltage DC 12V/24V
Defrosting Hot gas defrost(Auto./Manual)
Temperature Range -20℃ ~ +30℃
Refrigerant & Volume R404A,1.2kg±10%
Airflow Volume 1800m³/h
Compressor Road QP16/163cc
Standby KX-36L/36cc
 Condenser(With standby) Type Parallel Flow Condenser
Qty of Fans 1Pcs
Dimensions 1105*850*240mm
Weight 78Kg
 Evaporator Type Inner Grooved Copper Tube and Fin
Qty of Fans 2Pcs
Dimensions 1105*649*210mm
Weight 19Kg
 Electric Standby Power Supply  AC220V 1Phase 50HZ
 Recommended Box Volume  15m³~20m³

We notice that the electric system in America is 60 hertz not 50 hertz. All Guchen refrigeration units are capable of running on standby power 220 volts 1phaze 60 hertz.

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