• TR-300E electric light truck electric reefer unit

TR-300E Pure Electric Truck Refrigeration Unit


Drive Type:All Electric

DC Voltage:DC220V-DC450V

Installation:Nose Mount

Application:6m³-10m³ electric box truck volume




Introducing the TR-300E Pure Electric Truck Refrigeration Unit 

                                      --the ultimate all-electric solution for 6m³-10m³small to medium reefer trucks
TR-300E model is a high voltage DC220V-DC450V electric powered refrigeration system. Paired with a HIGHLY DDH254 electric compressor, you can expect an energy efficient, precision control and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional direct drive refrigeration systems.
With its nose mount installation and enjoy a temperature range of -18℃ to +30℃, it is perfectly suited to your refrigerated delivery needs. TR-300E small electric model allows for optimal performance and ease of use in the ever evolving landscape of pure electric reefer trucks.

Features of TR-300E Pure Electric Light Truck Refrigeration Unit

◆ Taking precision control one step further, this electric refrigeration unit includes a Danfoss control valve for maximum accuracy and minimum failure rate. If you're in need of an efficient, reliable electric refrigerated truck solution, TR-300E Pure Electric Truck Refrigeration Unit is for you. Quality guaranteed!
◆ Get peace of mind knowing that your goods will be safely stored and arrive intact – our temperature range range -18℃~+30℃ makes this possible. We’ve also made sure your system runs smoothly and reliably.
◆ The controller offers a (hot gas) defrost setting to prevent moisture from building up inside your refrigerated compartment during peak temperatures.
◆ Make the most of your electric refrigerated trucking with the TR-300E light refrigerated truck refrigeration unit. Our state-of-the-art, all-electric model is designed to give you superior performance, and convenience
◆ Whether you’re a refrigerated truck owner, electric refrigerated truck company or logistic company, trust the TR-300E model for all your needs.

About Guchen Thermo:

 Guchen Thermo is the market leading supplier of all electric refrigeration systems for small-, meidum- and large-sized refrigerated box trucks and van applications. Our full line of transport refrigeration solutions can be custom made for global food makers, distributors, refrigerated truck fleets/companies and individual truck owner.


 TR-300E all electric truck refrigeration unit

Technical Specifications:

Technical Parameters of TR-300E Electric Light Truck Refrigeration Unit

 Model  TR-300E
 Applicable box volume  6m³-10m³
 Temperature range  -18℃~+30℃
 Cooling capacity  0℃/+30℃ 3250W
-18℃/+30℃ 1750W
 High voltage  DC220V-DC450V
 Power  0℃/+30℃ 2150W
-18℃/+30℃ 1780W
 Controller  High-end liquid crystal
 Drive mode  Pure electric
 Low voltage power  Two in one including DC-DC Self power supply
 Emergency power supply  AC220V (standard)
 Compressor  DDH254
 Refrigerant  R404a
 Refrigerant charge  1.5kg
 Defrost method  Hot air defrosting
 Condenser assembly  Dimension mm (L*W*H) 1336*488*271
Weight (kg) 67
 Condenser fan  Qty. 1pc
Total air volume 2000m³/h
 Evaporator assembly  Dimension mm (L*W*H) 1070*580*245
Weight (kg) 22.5
 Evaporator fan  Qty. 2pc
Total air volume 2000m³/h


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