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Danfoss KVL Crankcase Pressure Regulator

Model Number:Danfoss KVL 15, KVL 22

Application:for regulating crankcase pressure

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Introduction of KVL Pressure-regulating Valve
Crankcase pressure regulator (CPR), is an outlet pressure reducing valve installed in the suction line (on a compressor suction inlet). Danfoss KVL crankcase regulators provided here are such a common accessory, setting with lower suction pressure to prevent the refrigeration compressor’s motor from overloading.
What will cause compressors operating at heavy load conditions?
When the crankcase pressure rises above a predetermined level, the compressor is more likely to run in overloading condition. On refrigeration systems, this often occur during startup, or after/during a defrost cycle, or after a long period of standstill (a normal shutdown period). The Danfoss KVL crankcase pressure regulator, to a great extend, keeps the pressure in crankcase to a reasonable level, and further protect the compressor motor.
The CPR valves are adjustable. The suction pressure setting of the CPR must be low enough to protect the compressor. For more information on the standard factory pressure settings of Danfoss KVL 15, KVL 22 pressure-regulating valve, please mail to info@guchenthermo.com or directly send your inquiry now.
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Application of Danfoss KVL CPR Valves
KVL CPR Valves are designed for installation on commercial refrigeration system, such as direct drive truck reefer unit. It is not a standard configuration, so not all refrigeration units are installed with crankcase pressure regulating valve. At Guchen Thermo, there are 4 types of truck freezer units equipped with CPR valves: TR-200, TR-300, TR-350, TR-450.
In a commercial refrigeration system, the KVL pressure-regulating valve is properly installed in the suction line ahead of the refrigeration compressor. Taking TR-450 freezer unit for example, the valve is fitted in the evaporator to protect the compressor motor against overload.
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How does a KVL Crankcase Pressure Reluating Valve Work?


Top Picks of Danfoss KVL Crankcase Pressure Regulator in Transport Refrigeration System
◆ The pressure setting for a KVL crankcase regulator on a given system is adjustable. It can be low enough to protect the QP compressor from an overloaded condition, and high enough so the evaporator pulldown time are not penalized.
◆ Accurate pressure regulation. The Danfoss KVL crankcase pressure regulating valve limits the maximum crankcase pressure accurately to protect the compressor motor efficiently.
◆ The CPR Valves are with compact design and very easy installation in any position.
◆ Product quality is maintained throughout a long operating life


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