10 sets of DC Powered Van Refrigeration Units to Australia

Apr 10,2017

On February 10, Mr. Daniel from Australia purchase 10 sets of Guchen Thermo small van refrigeration unit; Mr. Daniel use it to transport vegetables and fresh fruits in a 3m³ small refrigerated cargo vans. 

Guchen Thermo refrigeration units for small vans are very hot sale in Australia. That is because the TR-110D refrigeration units are roof top mounted and 12 volt or 24 volt battery driven units, it’s very easy to install and compressor is in the inner side of condenser, so customers doesn’t need to think about how to install compressor. 

It can applicate on the box size of 2~8m³, R134a refrigerant, temperature range from -5℃ to +25℃, electric scroll compressor, optional for AC switch to connect AC220V or AC380V. 

Guchen Thermo Electric Van Refrigeration Units for Small Cargo Vans

PHOTO: Guchen Thermo Electric Van Refrigeration Units TR-110D for Small Cargo Vans in Australia 

Feedback and Installation of TR-110D Refrigeration Units for Small Cargo Vans

Mr. Daniel is highly praised of our
TR-110D DC powered refrigeration units for vans, and said that its refrigerating effect is very good; temperature can reach about -7℃ for his 3 m³ van box. Besides that, it is easy to install and low power consumption and environmentally friendly.

In order to save more fuel consumption, or some customers need to deliver cargoes at night during sleep, the standby system is the great choice. Customers can choose an AC switch to keep the refrigerating system continually when the car engine is off! 

Standby System for Guchen Thermo TR-110D Small Cargo Van Refrigeration Units

PHOTO: Standby System for Guchen Thermo TR-110D Small Cargo Van Refrigeration Units

At the same time, we have the optional device for CPR valve, when the ambient temperature is too hot, and CPR valve will adjust the pressure in the system and protect the unit.
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