Guchen Thermo Truck Refrigeration Units Satisfied the Customer in Chile.

Mar 26,2018
 Mr.Juan is a truck refit manufacturer in Chile, like everyone else,he loves this country that has beautiful scenery and the longest coastline. He has bought TR-450 truck refrigeration unit and TR-550 truck refrigeration unit from Guchen Thermo in 2016. And he is satisfied with the vehicle refrigeration system he has bought in china.
After running TR-450 refrigerated transport systems and TR-550 truck refrigeration unit in Chile for some time, Mr.Juan give a high evaluation on the truck refrigeration units that he has bought from Guchen Thermo, he thinks that this would help his refrigerated transport systems a lot, and he look forward to deepen our cooperation.
The required temperature for TR-450 refrigerated transport systems and TR-550 truck refrigeration unit is -25℃~+30℃. which TR-450 refrigerated transport systems suitable to 16~22m³, and TR-550 truck refrigeration unit suitable to 20~30m³, and both of them are easily installed and has low maintenance cost.

Photo:Guchen Thermo Truck Refrigeration Units export to Chile.

With the promotion of the second round of the upgrading negotiations of the China-Chile Free Trade Agreement, the Sino-Chilean cooperation continues to deepen. Guchen Thermo is currently expanding the scope of business, we hope to find more partners to be our agents, welcome the people who work in the vehicle Refitting Factory, cold chain transportation company, frozen food factory, truck compartment factory to become our agents, and provide after-sales service such as maintenance and installation for local terminal customers., more detailed information, welcome them send mail to