Chiller & Freezer Truck Units Shipped to Guchen Thermo South Africa Distributor

Apr 15,2020
March, 2020:
Mr. Kenan, the South Africa distributor of Guchen Thermo, focusing on servicing, maintenance and retail of Guchen Thermo transport refrigeration equipment, has placed a purchasing order over ten sets of refrigeration units which includes C-300, TR-450S, TR-550S and TS-1000 truck units.
As the sole agent of Guchen Thermo transport refrigeration system, Mr. Kenan has cooperate with us for more than 5 years. There is a steadily growth in export volume and sales data in South Africa every year. We appreciate all his efforts in promoting the development of the local cold chain.
C-300 is a chiller truck unit, designed for all fresh products transportation. Temperature ranges from -5℃ to 30℃. It is a suitable model for 15m³ box truck.
TR-450S and TR-550S is the top 2 best selling integrated standby refrigeration units in South Africa. Its scroll compressor is plugged into condenser with an external AC power. When the engine is off, it enables the refrigeration system in normal operation.
TS-1000 is a single temperature freezer unit for 45-55m³ refrigerated trucks. Its compressor is BOCK FK40/390TK. Temperature ranges from -25℃ to 30℃.
Evaporator of TR-450S