10 Sets C-300TS Chiller Van Electric Standby Units Shipped Abroad

Mar 25,2022
C-300TS standby units for sale

On 21st, Jan., 2022, 10 sets of Guchen Thermo C-300TS Electric Standby units were shipped to our overseas client. These systems will be installed on the roof top of 10 new chiller vans, for the fresh delivery of Dairy products and other fresh cargoes. It has an operating range between -5℃ to +30℃.
Standby Voltage: AC 220V 50HZ 1P

When parking for loading or unloading, the fridge van will be powered by a standby compressor inside the C-300TS condenser unit. With the most mature standby technology, Guchen Thermo C-300TS standby system is highly useful to ensure that all refrigerated cargoes left inside the load space are maintained at a stable and optimal temperature.

c-300ts chiller van electric standby


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