Front Mounted Direct Drive Cooler for Box Truck Applications

Sep 27,2022
box truck refrigeration
The refrigeration industry is rapidly changing and Guchen Thermo has developed a variety of different front-mounted direct drive units to meet the needs of the box truck industry.


Safety and Reliability are Essential in the Box Truck Refrigeration Industry

Box truck refrigeration units are used in a variety of ways, from transporting food to keeping medications at the correct temperature. Because these demands are so high, reliability is a top priority for those who operate in this industry.
To ensure you’re getting the best box truck refrigeration unit service provider, it’s important to consider safety and reliability as essential qualities when choosing your supplier. Guchen Thermo provides both—as well as affordable pricing and a professional customer experience.
With a long history of providing quality refrigeration units and service, Guchen Thermo is the ideal choice for your truck refrigeration needs. We offer a wide range of models, including: diesel engine driven TS-1000 unit, electric standby TR-450S model, direct drive TR-550 system etc.
We carry top-of-the-line transport refrigeration systems for individuals, truck makers, and fleet managers etc.. We also have an extensive selection of parts and accessories for all truck refrigeration units.
 reliability of box truck refrigeration system


Guchen Thermo has Engineered a Variety of Front-mounted Refrigeration Units for Box Trucks

Guchen Thermo has over 25 years of experience in the transport refrigeration industry. We have worked with many different customers to design, build and install custom-made box truck refrigeration systems.
Our most popular direct drive coolers are the TR-200, TR-350, TR-450 and TR-550 series. The Direct Drive refrigeration unit uses vehicle engine power, to provide outstanding refrigeration capacity for box trucks in both fresh and frozen applications. The systems are designed to work with vehicles up to 6m³ volume. A practical alternative to built-in installations, it provides convenience because there is no need for a separate diesel engine.
If you have any questions about our box truck refrigeration systems, feel free to contact us or call 86-371-69152892.
 front mount box truck refrigeration system


Multi-temp Box Truck: Bridging the Gap Between Frozen Transport and Refrigerated Transport

Box trucks are used to transport a wide variety of cargo. From frozen foods to refrigerated shipments, box trucks can handle it all. But what if you’re transporting both frozen and refrigerated goods? This can pose a problem for drivers who need to keep their loads at different temperatures throughout the trip. The ability to transport both refrigerated and frozen goods in the same vehicle has been a major challenge for many years. Fortunately, Guchen Thermo has developed a solution: multi-temperature refrigeration units!
The Multi-temp Box Truck has significant advantages over other refrigerated trucks, including:
◆The truck features a fully insulated (thermal) multi-temp section, which allows you to transport different product types both safely and efficiently.
◆Reduced capacity costs by eliminating the need for separate storage areas, segregation of product types, and additional equipment such as freezers or chillers.
◆This technology helps reduce shipping costs, fuel consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the number of shipments needed per product.
◆It is ideal for industrial customers who use a combination of products (such as food products, frozen goods, and dry goods), since the truck has been designed to carry a variety of product types with less wasted space.
 multi-temperature box truck


Direct Drive Box Truck Refrigeration Unit: Strong, Durable & Energy Efficient

When you purchase a direct drive box truck refrigeration unit, you get the best of both worlds: high efficiency and less maintenance. 
A direct drive unit is powered by your vehicle engine so you don’t have to worry about burning through expensive batteries or having to replace them at inopportune times. It also lasts longer than any other type of equipment because it doesn’t use an electric motor and therefore doesn’t have moving parts that can wear out like other refrigeration units do. This means you can enjoy lower costs for years without worrying about repairs or replacements! The only thing that needs to be checked on a regular basis is the oil level in the compressor motor;
The benefits don't stop there either; direct drive units are powerful enough to constantly keep the correct temperature of the cargoes. This means that it will not stop working or slow down just because there is too much cargo being cooled.
It uses less energy than other types of units, which means that it does not cost as much money to run over time. When comparing a secondary-engine system against one with a direct drive system, the choice should be clear: go with the lowest fuel consumption option possible in order to keep your customers happy while maintaining their loyalty throughout years of service!
 efficient direct drive box truck refrigeration unit


Guchen Thermo Front Mounted Direct Drive Coolers

Guchen Thermo has developed a line of front mounted direct drive coolers for box trucks which are perfect for transporting food and other perishable products. All Guchen units are dedicated designed for moving temperature sensitive loads, such as food, pharmaceuticals and chemicals. Our refrigeration units are designed to be easy to install, highly durable and energy efficient. We have a wide selection of models available that can be customized with different options including standby option or heating option.


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