Multi-Temperature Refrigerated Truck System for Chilled and Frozen Products

Feb 07,2020
With the increasing demands of frozen and chilled goods transportation or storage, multi-temperature refrigeration systems are gaining increasing interest. 
It is a mobile refrigerated truck/container system that will provide the ability to transport both frozen, semi-perishable and chilled products simultaneously on a single platform. At Guchen Thermo, TS-1000MT Unit is a multi-temperature refrigetated system for trucks and trailers. TS-1000MT system is an engine-driven refrigeration unit equipped with two seperate evaporator units, a condenser. According to your special requirement, a removable partition could be installed for transporters to adjust the compartment volume to fit the load. It makes maintaining multiple temperatures using a single refrigeration system come true.
 Multi-Temperature Refrigerated Truck System
◆ It reduces operating costs. With the presence of 1 or more evaporating units, it allows the transport of different products in the same vehicle. Thus, to a great extend, TS-1000MT reduces the number of transit journeys.
◆ It reduces the environmental emissions. Chilled and frozen products can be refrigerated at different temperatures in seperate cells, using one refrigeration unit.