How Truck Refrigeration Units Work

May 24,2018

Truck chiller units can be roughly divided into compressors, condensers, and evaporators. How do they work to achieve refrigeration?

Compressor—Under the driving of the engine, the refrigerant vapor in the evaporator is continuously sucked, compressed to form a high-temperature refrigerant vapor, and discharged to the condenser to create a high pressure condition for the continuous condensation and heat release of the refrigerant in the condenser.

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▲ Low failure rate
▲ Stable working performance
▲ Long-term service life 
▲ Easy to install

Condenser - The heat contained in the high temperature and high pressure refrigerant steam discharged from the compressor is released to the outside air flowing through the condenser, and the refrigerant vapor is condensed into a refrigerant liquid. Most of the condensers are arranged in front of the head cooling water tank, and are cooled by the cooling fan and the windward airflow generated by the car.

Evaporator—low temperature and low pressure The refrigerant liquid continuously evaporates and vaporizes, absorbs the heat flowing through the evaporator air to cool the air in the cabin. The evaporator is arranged in the vehicle compartment and is usually supplied by a centrifugal fan.

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