How to Select Suitable Refrigerated Trucks for your Business?

Jan 02,2018

Refrigerated trucks included into refrigerated trailers with its
truck refrigeration units mounted on truck back and small to large refrigerated trucks with its truck reefer units front mounted on the truck head. Usually, if for the downtown or countryside frozen transportation with not too much cargoes , choose light reefer trucks and if for the long distance cold chain transportation with too much cargoes, it is suitable to choose heave reefer trucks or refrigerated trailers. Whether a refrigerated trucks have a good or not working performance, it is mainly because of its chassis, truck bodies and truck refrigeration units, when these three parts are better in performance, and then the whole transportation will have a reliable and stable service.

1.Choose the Right Truck Chassis

Compared with original truck chassis, when choose refrigerated trucks, it should take the chassis stability into consideration especially, because the cargoes should be delivered to destination on time or it will goes bad. Refrigerated cargoes have a higher requirement to transportation environment, if trucks drop on the half way, it may result in cargoes going bad and loss. So for the short distance transportation, choose light truck chassis, and long distance transportation or large cargoes, choose the heave truck chassis or trailer chassis. In conclusion, when choose truck chassis, cargoes weight, road condition and personal purchasing power should be into consideration.
guchen thermo TR-550 truck refrigeration units for sale
Photo: Guchen Thermo TR-550
Truck Refrigeration Units 

2.Choose the Better Thermal Insulation Truck Bodies

Compared with general truck bodies, the refrigerated truck bodies should have the high quality thermal insulation performance to keep refrigerated cargoes in a fixed temperature. It is closed to what cargoes need to transport when choose refrigerated truck bodies, for example, it need to equip with a customized hook for fresh meat transport; if deliver cargoes for shop or store, for example, various in cargoes and little in numbers, it needs muti-temp truck refrigeration units; if need to load and upload frequently, it need muti-doors refrigerated truck bodies. Users can customize refrigerated truck bodies in truck body factory. Of course, Guchen Thermo manufactures truck refrigeration units for years, and also have a good relationship with domestics truck body factory , we can help customers to find the best truck body supplier in China with high quality and low price.

guchen thermo TR-450 truck refrigeration units for sale
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TR-450 Truck Refrigeration Units 

3.Choose Diesel Engine Powered or Vehicle Engine Powered Truck Refrigeration Units?

Vehicle engine powered truck reefer units are common units that we usually see in road, it has low price, easy to maintain, but it doesn’t have a power device itself, so it needs to rely on vehicle engine driving compressor to get power, affected by engine. Diesel engine
truck refrigeration units have its own electric generator device for the whole refrigerating system working, not rely on vehicle engine, and have a reliable performance, but high price. Usually to recommend that, urban or countryside short distance transportation and truck bodies length is shorter in 7 meter, vehicle powered refrigeration units for trucks are suitable; if for long distance transport, and truck bodies length is longer in 7 meter, the diesel engine powered is suitable.

Guchen Thermo TS-1000 Diesel Engine Truck Refrigeration Units and TR-450 Truck Refrigeartion Unit
Photo: Guchen Thermo TS-1000 Diesel Engine
Truck Refrigeration Units and TR-450 Truck Refrigeartion Unit

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