What’s the Classification of Refrigerated Vehicles Chiller Units

Apr 23,2020
As consumers demand healthier foods, fresh foods keep gaining in great popularity. Fresh products must be transported in temperature-controlled containers like in refrigerated vehicles. Refrigerated vehicles mainly include refrigerated van and refrigerated truck. None of them will be efficient and effective without the installation of chiller or refrigeration units.
Chiller unit is an integral part of refrigerator vehicles. It enables distribution centers and warehouses agile enough to move/deliver fresh products quickly.
Transport refrigeration system manufacturers have developed versions of several chiller units models such as vehicle engine driven chiller, and battery powered electric chiller systems. Next, Guchen Thermo will detail more about these two most-widely used refrigerated vehicle chiller units, and hope you could have a better understanding after reading the article.

Direct Drive Truck Chiller Unit

Fresh products are one of the most compelling reasons for customers to shop at store. Therefore, it is the biggest value of chiller truck drivers to daily deliver the freshest items possible to the customers. With the increasing demand on fresh products, chiller trucks become more and more important.

Benefits of chiller trucks:
▼ensuring freshness of products
▼ providing fast delivery of freshest items.
▼ prolonging the life cycle of fresh products.
That’s where Direct Drive Truck Chiller Unit comes in.
Direct-drive unit is powered by the chiller truck itself, without any third party power source. In a direct drive truck chiller unit, the compressor and motor are separated by a flexible coupling. At Guchen Thermo, there are two direct drive truck chiller models C-200 and C-300 to suit your needs.

direct drive truck chiller condenser

C-200 Condenser

C-300 truck chiller unit Condenser

C-300 Condenser

C-200 chiller unit evaporator

C-200 Evaporator 

C-300 truck chiller evaporator

C-300 Evaporator

C-200/C-300 are truck engine powered chiller units for small trucks or pickup trucks. They are simple chiller units with slim evaporator design, more loading space available. C-200 chiller is best for 2-10m³truck, and C-300 chiller unit is specially designed for 10-15m³truck box. No matter what size your truck is, there is always a suitable temperature control solution for you.

Same with chiller truck transport, chiller van transportation is also a kind of refrigerated road vehicles transport, being an important part of short-distance cold chain. It is one of the best method to keep various items (vegetables, fruits, milk etc.) fresher for longer. The chiller system must be used whenever any fresh items are carried in the vehicles. Chiller unit, as the main component of a chiller van, can be divided into electrically driven system and vehicle engine powered one.

D.C. Powered Mini Van Chiller Unit

D.C. powered chiller unit can be operated on DC12v, DC24v, 48v, 60v, 72v... mini vans. It is a battery driven chiller unit with lowest consumption. The DC powered van chiller is a cooling system specialized for fresh applications on mini to small cargo vans to keep items fresh. As consumers demand fresher and healthier foods, the small van chiller unit is gaining in its popularity in short distance chilled transportation.
At Guchen Thermo, the TR-110D unit is a battery powered chiller for mini van (2-8m³), DC12v or 24vDC voltage available. With electric compressor, it saves fuel energy, and more environment friendly. Moreover, it can be plugged into 240v or 380v main power supply with an extra transformer, which keeps the chiller unit operating normally and steadily when the vehicle engine is off.
tr-110d van chiller units
The TR-110D is a compact, electric van chiller that provides outstanding refrigeration capacity for mini vans in fresh applications. It is powered by the chiller van’s battery. Meanwhile, it can also be driven with main electric supply during standby. The TR-110D chiller units are perfect to use on small electric delivery vans for urban distribution of perishable goods.
What drives Guchen Thermo is the ambition to manufacture and supply excellence refrigeration system in a more sustainable direction. It means that our solutions for light commercial refrigeration are characterized by outstanding energy efficiency, and reduced emissions.

Vehicle Engine Driven Van Chiller Unit

Vehicle engine drive chiller is also called “direct belt drive unit”, which is because the compressor of this chiller system is directly driven from the refrigerator vehicles’ main engine through a belt. Nowadays, vehicle engine driven van chiller is mainly used in the majority of vans, van sized vehicles etc.
Guchen Thermo C-200T and C-300T chiller unit are direct belt driven systems, designed for various vans (separately for 2~10m³, 10~18m³ van body).
direct belt drive van chiller unit
All in all, Guchen Thermo is able to offer, at customer request, best solutions of small, medium to large refrigeration unit models with ex-factory prices. We are the preferred supplier of reliable, innovative transport chiller systems.


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