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C-200T Van Chiller Units

Driven Type:Vehicle Engine Driven Units

Installation:Split Roof Top Mounted

Compressor:DY5H11 108cc/r

Controller:Digital, In Cab


Refrigerant :R134a


Guchen Thermo C-200T Van Reefer Unit Description

Guchen Thermo C-200T van reefer unit, it can be used for 2 -10 m³ small cargo vans. C-200T chiller units for vans are rooftop mounted types, driven by vehicle engine, with R134a refrigerant, the temperature can be set up to 
 -5℃ ~ +30℃. So it is suitable for the downtown delivery to deliver chilled fresh cargos, such as fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy products, seafood and so on. 

The C-200T refrigeration system for cargo van has one fan in its evaporator and condenser, and its cooling capacity is 2000W when at 0℃. If need bigger cooling capacity units, please look for our C-300T model, it has 2 fans in evaporator and condenser, so cooling capacity is more bigger. Customers can choose Guchen Thermo van reefer units to equip with optional function: Heating system for different demands.

Guchen Thermo C-200T Van Refrigeration Units Installation
PHOTO: Guchen Thermo C-200T Van Refrigeration Units Kits Installation Example

Do you have a high demands to the temperature? Try: 

▲  Guchen Thermo TR-200T Van Refrigeration Units
 Guchen Thermo TR-300T Van Refrigeration Units 
They are van freezer units, temperature range is -25℃ to +25℃ for frozen or deep frozen transportation. 


Guchen Thermo C-200T Van Reefer Unit Unique Features

◆ Adopt R134a Eco-friendly refrigerant
◆ Compared with freezer units, the C series chiller units prices are more reasonable
◆ Designed for transporting fresh cargoes
◆ Suitable for the inner city fresh cargo transportation


Guchen Thermo small van chiller units Evaporators in small vans  Guchen Thermo chiller units for vans Evaporators in small vans  C-200T van chiller units installation

Here is a piece of photos from Guchen Thermo's customer installation of C-200T, customer use C-200T van reefer unit model apply on small cargo vans: According to customers’ feedback that, the C-200T chiller units for vans are very suitable for their local cargo vans condition in Africa, they are the vehicle refitting factory, so they are very good at refitting vehicles and install the units for local customers. Customer said that in Africa, this small vans reefer units are very popular, when their customers use C-200T, they are very sastified with its quality. Adding to Guchen one year warranty and 5 year spare parts supply, he is not worry about the units’ quality.

Technical Data:

Model C-200T
Temperature Range In Container -5℃ ~ +30℃ / -23℉ ~ +86℉
Cooling Capacity 0℃ +32℉ 1700W / 1460Kcal/h / 5800BTU
Compressor Model DY5H11
Displacement 108cc/r
Condenser Coil Aluminum micro-channel parallel flow coils
Fan 1 Axial Fan
Dimensions&Weight 700×700×190 mm & 15.6 kg
Evaporator Coil Aluminum foil with internal ridge copper tube
Fan 1Axial Fans
Dimensions&Weight 610×550×175 mm & 11.8 kg
Defrosting NO.
Application 5℃ 18m³
0℃ 15m³
-5℃ 10m³
Optional Function Heating, Electric standby system AC 220V/380V, CPR Valve


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