How to Choose Your Truck Refrigeration Unit?

Dec 22,2016

Guchen Thermo as truck refrigeration unit manufacturer exports units help customers transport meat, vegetables, fruits and frozen goods across the country. As for the novices, they are usually confused of what kind of transport refrigeration units are suitable for their business. So Guchen Thermo sales staff is very experienced in transporting refrigeration units, and can help our customers to choose the correct units.
Let’s see how to choose a suitable transport refrigeration unit for your business.
Before you buy transport refrigeration units, please have clear answers for the following questions in your mind.

1.What are my refrigerated truck body’s length, width and height?

Knowing the size of your refrigerated truck bodies is very important for us to know how much cooling capacity for your box. Guchen Thermo can supply different transport refrigeration units for big trucks, small trucks, big cargo vans and small cargo vans. Guchen Thermo truck refrigeration units can be suitable for 2-65 m³ truck box, and van refrigeration units can be used for 2-15m³ van box.

truck refrigeration units
PHOTO: Guchen Thermo C-300 Truck Refrigeration Units Installation Example

2.What is the ambient temperature and cargos required temperature?

The ambient temperature is higher; the cooling capacity is bigger for cargos. For most of Guchen Thermo truck freezer units, the units can low temperature to -30℃ for transporting deep frozen cargoes. Also, for those who just want to transport fresh foods, the truck chiller units may be OK for usase.
Of couse, different cargos may need different transporting temperature, you also should take ambient temperature and open doors frequency into consideration. For example, fruits and vegetables needs 4-8℃ for fresh transportation; ice cream needs -25℃; Fresh frozen raw meat needs -10℃. If you have no idea for what temperature you should set, please feel free to contact our professional and experienced sales staff for advice. 

Guchen Thermo truck refrigeration units digital panel

PHOTO: Guchen Thermo Truck Refrigeration Units Electric Control Panel 

3.Where should the transport refrigeration unit’s condenser install?

Guchen Thermo can supply different types of units for different vehicle types. For example, the van refrigeration units mount the condenser on the roof top of vans; for most of truck refrigeration units, we can supply front mounted condenser units types, but as for some of trucks, which have no enough place to mount condenser in the front, so Guchen Thermo can supply TR-550 truck refrigeration units with condenser under mounted types. 

TR-550 truck refrigeration units condenser front mounted or under mounted

PHOTO: Guchen Thermo TR-550 Truck Refrigeration Units Condenser Front Mounted (left) or Under Mounted (right)

4.Do I use my units for long-distance transportation or inner city transportation?

As for the long-distance transportation, most of our customers are worried about that their truck anchors on the half road if they use the traditional units (vehicle driven types) which will result in big loss. That is because the vehicle driven units’ cooling system relies on vehicles to generated power for refrigerating air.

But Guchen Thermo can supply diesel engine driven truck refrigeration units for help. The diesel engine driven truck refrigeration units has its own independent cooling system, so when truck engine stops, cooling system continues! 

Please See Guchen Thermo TS series Diesel Engine Driven Truck Refrigeration Units 

5.What is standby system and do I need a standby system?

Guchen Thermo can supply standby system for our customers who need to continue refrigerating their cargos at night; customers can recharge standby connecting outside voltage.
With the help of Guchen Thermo professional sales person to figure out the above 5 basic questions, the suitable transport refrigeration units are not far!

guchen thermo truck refrigeration units standby system

PHOTO: Guchen Thermo Truck Refrigeration Units Standby System 

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